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Our Building Quality Focus

  • Performance – It is our endeavour to meet your project goals. Exceeding them is our aim.  We accomplish this by executing a professionally managed building project completed within budget and on schedule as agreed to in our contract terms.
  • Professionalism - We boast an efficient and experienced administrative team who support our outdoor staff and subcontractors to ensure all processes are systemised and professional. Our Project Manager, Site Managers and Foreman are selected on a project to project basis, enabling us to match their credentials to your particular project.
  • Communication - The communication channels between our indoor staff, outdoor staff and client are always open. We have a set protocol within David Payne Constructions to accurately report, monitor, manage and deliver information back and forth between us and our client.
  • Team Work - A team means all parties are represented:  the owner/client, the designer, the contractor, the subcontractors and any other significant contributors to the project. In our experience a team works more successfully on a project when all parties understand and respect what each one has to contribute.  All parties are important to the success of the project. Taking on this approach eliminates the possibilities of dispute throughout the project.
  • Technology & Equipment - The use of state-of-the-art technology is also important to your project's success.  We provide our personnel with the latest hardware and software applications to perform tasks including estimating, budgeting and scheduling which enables us to deliver timely and accurate updates on the progress of your construction project.
  • Leadership - You can expect strong leadership and acknowledgement from the top with David Payne Constructions. The combined experience and skills of the Management Team guarantees you personal attention and a wealth of industry experience spanning more than 20 years.
  • Professional Finish - Your relationship and dealings do not end with David Payne Construction on completion of your building project. The Project Manager and Site Foreman will meet with you to conduct a final inspection of the construction project to ensure all aspects of the job are completed to both our standards and your expectations. If there are any outstanding issues as a result of this meeting we will work together to finalise them. It is our aim to get your project completed, operational and handed over to you as smoothly and quickly as possible.